jueves, 30 de julio de 2015

Best regards

Hi everyone I've been offline too much time, now I'm back just to keep bringing you as much misteries as I can, I'm Saúl (Universe) and I'm glad you're here because I like when people from all the world read my content. 

I hope you find my blog as interesting as a galaxy! lol... and I'm really excited to go back to misteries and stuff like that. 

My previous post was about how an AI (artificial intelligence) could find its way to gain control over all humans and their structures (Social, science, Medical etc). I think that's possible... However I'm here because of you!

Wherever you are, Take care and hope to see you soon around here.

And remember you can always try to contact me if you want. 

Best regards! and keep an eye in the whole world.  

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