lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Congratulations to these mexican guys who won plate , second place on london 2012
Los clavadistas tapatíos Iván García y Germán Sánchez triunfan en la plataforma de 10 metros

congratulations guys! 

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Olympic games 2012

Hi my friends sorry I've been out of blog's stuff XD but I'm here again , I will try to read about something interesting just to bring you the latest news around the world. thanks to all.  

Well, this is basically the story: It is said that during the olympic games an attack will take place as part of a ceremony to a raptilian god, If you noticed , the olympic stadium has a lot of illuminati simbolism , triangles, eyes, even a pentagram during the inauguration.

The rumor says that it's about a nuclear strike to kill around 13 000 persons. It could be whenever.

Also you can have a look to the illuminati card game and you'll find the combined disasters card, and then mae your own ideas. 
Let's expect it won't be true.

hugs  to all.

s@ul :)