martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

The reptilians.

One of the most popular theories about alien presence in earth is about the reptilians, but Who are the reptilians? Reptilians are an humanoid race from the star system called alpha draconis,according to David Icke’s comments they have chamaleonic habilities, In other words we can’t see them ‘cause they look like a normal human.
David says that they have come to earth with the objective to take control of the human race and take the control all over the planet. This theory began when David icke discovered some rare evidence on the ancient’s civilizations ruins (Sumerian and Egyptians) , for example reptoid statues, and then according to him, he read some old books wich contain information about different languages unknown for the human civilizations and stories about incredible gods with exceptional powers in human-reptoid appearance.

The David’s theory try to explain that reptilians have been on earth since millions years ago, some examples are the dinosaurs, who had reptilian genes, what makes David thinks that they could have been created by reptilians , he says even reptilians can be the evolved biological form of the ancient dinosaurs, according with the human born, the reptoids had to evolve first that humans. But the last part doesn’t explain the reason why they come from Alpha draconis, it is a little bit controversial.

The classical description of reptilians is that they have 1.5 to 3.7 m tall, blood drinking and , reptoid aspects, and color green with big reptilian eyes. It is supposed that actually they are living on underground bases on earth , and they have gotten to be part of the world's different government systems, it is said they are controlling everything: from money to all the biological resources like animals and vegetables, according to some experts they are trying to reduce the human population by creating geological weapons to take control over the weather in the planet and making some dangerous diseases to erradicate most of the human life on earth, they don’t want the spiritual evolution of men -David said-.
But this last words makes me ask the follow: Why don’t they want the human evolution? this introduces me in a new way: The biblical sense! Some people believe that reptilians are the demoniac entities who are mentioned in the holy bible, and that god is an High-spiritual evolved entity, and all this could explain some questions, maybe we are the prefect god’s creation over all universe or maybe universes.

Turning back to David’s information some of the most powerful leaders of the planet’s governments are reptilians with human appearance , for example George bush and his father, queen Elizabeth from England, and politicians, even there is some ‘’evidence’’ of reptilians changes in journalists on TV, i mean evidence caught on tape, If you check it out at YouTube you are going to be able to watch the possible evidence by yourself. Even it is said that Diana De gales was murdered by this reptilians ‘cause probably she could have discovered their secrets, and she was ready to show the truth to the world, and that’s the reason why she was killed by this kind of alien creatures.

But it is important to say it is only an idea, there are not real evidences for this argument. As i usually say: You, the readers have the last word of all this topics , then read and make your own judgement to discover the truth. Thanks for reading this information. have a nice day wherever you are :D and leave a comment.

Area 51.

This time we are going to read something about the famous secret military base called Area 51, it is located in nevada, United states, it is an american goverment property and it's restricted zone. One of the most popular stories, talks about that the military base has been used to evaluate new technologies and for the development of new and moderns aircrafts. This military complex is protected with movement sensors, radar stations, and it has its own security working 24/7, a curious aspect is that you won't find it in any map of Usa.

Some people believe that isn't only the aerial base, they believe there is an underground giant laboratory where paranormal cases are analyzed by secret scientist, and this base is an icon talking about the UFO phenomenon.
It is supposed that the bodies recovered of the roswell crash were taken to this place and the objective was to try indentify and analyze alien's bodies. But what happened with the Ufo's ruins? the reseachers about this topic believe that the ruins are located just inside of area 51 and it is being used to create the today's technology, like some persons say: the computers are an alien creation. The united states goverment denies knowledge about the zone, but the big question is WHY? all people know area 51 is located in a desertic zone, and when the unknown visitors came here, they are going to be fight with special police forces and helicopters wich are armed, so: Is there any secret to protect?

Another theory talks about aliens working on genetic experiments using humans, abducted humans. During the night some eyewitness have seen flying objects over the area's aerial space. Some ex-workers of this militar base have said that there is not only terrestrial technology , there is alien technology being used by humans pilots, and that we can find there enough technology to create our own spacial-advanced ship.

One of those workers is Bob Lazar, he says some interestings things about all the work wich has been developed inside this complex in the neveda's desert.
If you want to learn more you can browse it on the web and learn by yourself and then you can make your own judgement. Remember in any topic you have the final word.

Let's read about Area 51!!